Friday, August 21, 2015

"Old Ohio Rose" ~~ finally complete!

Yes, that's right.  I've finally finished everything on "Old Ohio Rose."  Today we also had perfect weather for photographing the quilt.  It was calm and overcast when I got home from school, but I waited until Richard could assist, because the ladder is broken and very unsafe.  

His job was to make sure that it didn't do a split on me.  The problem is the little arm that connects the two uprights. One is completely missing!  

Now before you scream "UNSAFE" all hyper-loud, there's a new ladder.  It's just not here.  A son borrowed it.  Suffice it to say Rich may get another ladder for Christmas this year.  That would be two ladders in three years.  If I keep this up, in a couple of years everyone will have a ladder.  I may even get my own!

To avoid my climbing the ladder again, Rich pulled the quilt off the line, gently so the clothes pins wouldn't break.  He wanted me to leave them on the line, but I remembered that he has a grabber, which worked beautifully. 

 There's not much to say about "Old Ohio Rose."  It's a fairly simple quilt and it was a quick sew.  It took me a long time because I couldn't get into the studio.  I like it but I'll admit it's not my style so much, even though I bought the fabric.  My tastes have changed over the last few years, and I like the newer, modern fabrics much more now.

One could argue that growth and change are reasons to NOT build a big stash.  I suppose I should agree, but I love my stash and building it has been great fun.

Want to read more about this quilt?  You can find earlier posts in "Creative Saturdays" and in "Have Bernina, Will Travel."

The back is a pieced back made with fabrics from my stash.  I used a few small pieces that are on the front and added some solids and gingham fabrics in light pink that came from my mom's stash.  I really like the look!

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