Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: HST

Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories: The Wedding Quilt  completed in 2013 for a client who commissioned it as a wedding gift.  She brought it to the reception, where guests signed it, and then returned it to me for quilting and binding.Half-square triangles have been on my mind of late.  I've completed a top comprised of HST's and am ready to begin quilting the baby quilt.  There's another set of HST waiting in the wings....they've been there for a few years and it's only recently that I've decided what to do with them: make a baby boy quilt!  They are small and worrisome to work with.  In fact, they are actually cast-offs from another quilt.

This wedding quilt is the mother of all those little HST sitting in the basket.  Navy, blue, gray and dark green are not very bright colors, so I just didn't know what to do.  I don't want to add to the colors, so I just let them sit.  No more!  They are next on the list.  That's all.
Kindergarten shape owl craft Common Core Geometry
But I could use a little inspiration.  So to that end, here are a few crafty triangles.  Thank you, Pinterest, for making it easy.  Seriously, I searched "craft" and "triangles" and ta-da!

craft: Hanging Triangle Garland ||

That Cute Little Cake: {Craft} 10 things I learned when making my first bunting !

A Colorful DIY Forest - I could not love this project more.

*Hand made Christmas Tree Decoration.  *Tree size 14 long each triangle size 2.75  *21 Jingle Bells *This Christmas Tree Decorate Wall, Door, or

How to: Make Simple Wooden Triangle Shelves | Man Made DIY | Crafts for Men | Keywords: decor, storage, organization, shelf

Colors & Shapes Theme from Sunflower Storytime

And so some quilts with either triangles or HST's (or both)
Love these triangle quilts! \\ via Fancy Tiger Crafts: Pyramid Pals! Three Chicopee Quilts (+ Tutorial!)

Simple assembly:  sew strips of colour to white - both edges, cut triangles through both layers - zig zag from seam to seam, press open, turn and arrange layout, sew blocks into strips, then sew strips together.

red pepper quilts//

a little gray: Anchor's Quilt

RJR Blog Hop_Bolt

Freshly Pieced Modern Quilts

Autumn half square triangle quilt | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Processing Quilt commission for Cotton + Steel by Libs Elliott

Image of i heart you PDF pattern

Flock of crazy birds by a²(w) - asquaredw - Ali, via Flickr

I really like the quilt ideas that use only a few HST's.  I have a basket filled with HST's, but there's no rule saying I have to use them all in the same quilt.  One of the reasons I've been putting off using them is that there are a lot of them.  

Homestead Quilt top

Plus, for some reason when I put blocks together in strips, they tend to be warped.  I'm certain that it has nothing to do with my speed sewing.  

Santa Cruz: the quilt by katie @ swim, bike, quilt!, via Flickr

Just a couple of HST's in a row? Yeah, I could do that without a bad warp.  Only a few rows?  Yeah, doable.  So, yeah, that's probably what I'm going with.  Well, when I get there.  I do have a quilt in que, waiting, for the long-arm.

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