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Sunday Quilt Inspiration: DOORS and WINDOWS

French Blue
Our son has a business in which he sells and installs replacement doors and windows.  They, of course, are the type of doors and windows that are beautiful, sturdy and new.  These doors and windows are meant to keep things out of a house.  
Top 10 Best Uses For Old Windows A less popular idea but one that’s very interesting would be to use an old window as a frame for photos and artwork. Make backing for the frame and keep the glass for protection.{found on theepochtimes}.

This website has a lot of ideas of things to do with old windows and doors. Purty cute!
Quite often they are installed and never used.  Their purpose is to increase the value of the house, look new and pretty, and save energy.  All good things, sure.  But what about the old door?  What happens to those old windows?
Old Windows... if this was my staircase, I would use the old windows as picture frames instead of leaving them to frame the paint on the wall.
I am one of those people who love the doors and windows that are being replaced more than the new.  I especially love the really, no I mean really old ones.  The wooden ones.  The ones with a pane or two missing.  The ones that have been around for a while and collected several coats of paint.  Those that are grayed and chipped and worn.  Those that have seen and heard and know things.  Those are the ones for me.  

Ruminations (blog) Cabinet constructed of two salvaged windows (the doors), ceramic electric 'knobs' as handles (from knob & tube wiring), salvaged wood for the frame, old barn wood for the top, left over bead board from a bathroom renovation as the back, and chicken wire sidesWhere to find old doors and windows for a decorating project | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Of course, I can't collect every old door that Adam takes out of a house.  I don't have the time or resources to save them.  Quite often the guys break the glass or have to beat something out of its frame. That's one of the problems of years of painting.  

Cute idea!

They become painted into place, stuck for good. Gentle nudging just doesn't cut it when you have a deadline to meet.  It doesn't help that just as often the men toss the window, frame, and everything else into the trailer in an effort to clean and roll.  

So inspired to do this to my kitchen window...with blue shutters. I'm on the hunt now! ~bzbFrench Blue
Still, there are times that I want to tell Adam to bring the oldest of them home to me.  I don't.  It's not fair to him--the extra time costs money, and the extra work in often inclement weather is just asking too much, even for mom.
Coffee With The Mrs.: My DIY Window~FrameHow to make picture frames out of an old window.

So what's a mom to do?  Use the windows and doors as inspiration for crafting ideas.  One of my more recent quilts, "Old Ohio Rose," was inspired to some extent by windows.  I wanted the feel of looking out of windows onto a rose garden. 

The rest of these are pins from my "heart, quilts" Pinterest board.  
Tunisian Door, art quilt, by Margaret Ramsay 2010.  Machine pieced, digitally printed, hand painted, machine quilted.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this!  Reminds me of a stained glass window.

"The Green Door of George Melies" art quilt by Hedda Wright. Cover to Cover Book Club Quilters.

9 patch white centers alternated with white outers Easy, but interesting and pretty.

Happy Earth Day! » Nature Walk - Window On The East by The Information Factory. Timeless Treasures Fabrics

Free Patterns for waste triangles

Oh, wow! I want to try one of these attic window quilts and maybe use a Santa panel for the background. Too cute!

This snowman quilt is a classic attic window quilt pattern using a winter panel. What a cute winter quilt! Tutorial by Marija Vujcic from Fabric of My Life

Not going all the way with the cathedral windows.  More effective.

Peeking in the Window wallhanging--wouldn't I love to see these guys peeking in my window!!! :-)

Create a window into another world. This beautiful pattern will give you a glimpse into a world only an imagination away each and every time you look at it. The pattern can be used for a small or large wall hanging, or even as a lap quilt. Finished sizes: Small wall hanging: 30" x 45" Large wall hanging: 39" x 50"

gingham quilt

Fracture. Best use of a panel that I've ever seen!

Grandma's Window Quilt Pattern / PDF on Etsy from the Vintage Clothespin

modular cathedral window block tutorial

What's inspiring you these days?

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