Saturday, August 8, 2015

Creative Saturdays

Creative Saturdays are the best, aren't they?  I definitely had one of those today.  

Firstly, I finished quilting "Old Ohio Rose" which I started back in June while we were on vacation.  I wrote about that in "Have Bernina Will Travel."  I pieced all the blocks on the trip and finished putting the top together after we returned home.  I did not decide on a design.  Nope.  Just threw all the blocks together and started sewing.  They landed where they landed!

Last weekend I loaded the quilt top on the long-arm and began quilting using an all-over feather design.  I added a few scrolls and a little echoing in places where I needed to fill in the background. Easy, fun, stress-free sewing and quilting.  The only thing left is the binding and label.  Yay!

I just love this pieced back!  Originally I planned to used this pretty pink stripe with small roses.  I think it is a coordinating fabric that goes with the line, but I could have found it at a different time and decided to put them all together.  Regardless, it goes well, but there wasn't enough for the entire back.

I pulled lots of pinks, some left over from the top and others from the stash.  I have gingham, a pink solid, and a pink with beautiful script from one of the lines that raises money for cancer research. 

After finishing the quilting, I decided to go to school for a couple of hours to work in my classroom.  I left a mess on Friday, too exhausted to do any more.  Today I managed to clean tables, hang paper "shades" to block out the morning glare, add pretty welcome letters, and put away some out-of-place items.  Tomorrow I hope to clean one of the storage rooms to put away the items that we hauled in from my old classroom.  It surely feels good to be back in the library even--if I don't get to play librarian.  

How did your creative Saturday go?

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