Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Weekend work

Our first week of school is behind us.  Which means that I am again living for the weekend.  I'm fairly sure that the students are doing the same.  I'm also fairly sure that my weekends are, in general, a little more productive.  That's assuming that making binding is what we consider production.

That's what I accomplished yesterday.  Binding.  At least it was binding for two quilts.  First this pink mix of fabrics that I'd cut off the quilt to square it up.  

The second pile is of this gray and white stripe that I plan to use on a quilt that's been waiting on the work table for months.  Seriously. I finished the top and it waited.  Then eventually I got the quilting done and it waited even longer.  

But this gray quilt is getting closer to completion now. I'm hopeful, at least, that eventually it will see the inside of the storage trunk. It's a generous 50 X 70 that will make a nice lap quilt for just about anyone.

The pink binding will go onto "Old Ohio Rose," one of the quilt kits that I made to take on vacation in June and started sewing while we were in Ohio.   

Here are a few pictures of the gray quilt before quilting and while on the long-arm.  I haven't taken pictures since I pulled the quilt off the machine.  

I think the binding will go well with the quilt because the stripe is so pretty and just close enough in color to coordinate but still give a little surprise.

What are you living for or working on this week?

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