Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Guild Meeting! And I Attended!

Yes, that's right. The Cotton Quilters Guild had its July meeting on Tuesday, and since it's summertime, I was able to attend. What a wonderful time I had. I had a few things to show and I was able to catch up with several friends.

The theme, "Christmas in July," gave us some lessons on making fabric Christmas ornaments. On the agenda were these round ornaments. Everyone else had brought the items on the materials list that they got at the last meeting: a 2½" styrofoam ball, 2½" fabric squares, and some ribbon. 

They each got to start their own ornaments, and some even finished. Another speaker showed how to make the fabric tree ornaments (but with contrasting fabrics) and then another showed us how to make the square ornaments. 

One of the members shared her first quilt top last month and two quilt tops this month. She's really has taken to this quilting thing!

Unfortunately, I was busy catching up with friends and missed lots of pictures and worse I missed who did what!

But that shouldn't surprise anyone, right? 

I came home to discover that Mrs. Virginia did get lots of great pictures (and even one of me) that she posted on Facebook.  Of course, she had someone hold individual items up so she could take good pictures. I don't have that kind of sense! But I do know how to snag them from FB. haha No, I snagged only the picture of one of my paintings. The guild loved them, but really wouldn't the Cotton Quilters Guild love a cotton painting?

So much fun! Almost as much as attending a show. Wait, I did that, too. Today in fact. I'll post pics this week. (Yes, I took some.)


Kaja said...

This looks like such fun!

Karen S said...

It looks like you have a very interesting group with great activities. Lovely to see the show and tell.