Monday, July 25, 2016

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: SELVAGES

Uhm, on Monday? Sorry all. We had a thunderstorm yesterday afternoon, so no internet until, well actually, I don't know. Then this morning I had a doctor's appointment so I'm quite late in getting this post out. My apologies.
The exact selvage pieces offered in the giveaway.
Since I've been offering a giveaway of a bag of selvages, I thought I'd offer a few ideas of how to use them. I may have done this before, but it's such a popular item on Pinterest that there are lots of new projects, so hopefully I'm not repeating any. 
SELVAGE Christmas Ornaments Little Holiday Birds to Brighten your Tree. Love that the hanger comes down to be feet.

Sweet merciful heaven - this zippy isn't made with selvages, it's made with SELVAGE FABRIC that someone designed and had printed out @ Spoonflower!  I think I've died (dyed!) and gone to heaven, lol!:

How to sew selvedges together to make a panel of fabric ~ Sew Delicious

Pincushion by AngelaGreenwald, via Flickr

Selvage scarf. I bet I have enough selvage edges for this!

Selvege edge bookmarks! What a great piece of artwork this turned out to be!

selvedge pincushion - cute gift idea!

Selvage Blog: See Kathi Price's Selvage Fabric Bins!

Cup Cozy.  I like the style of this cup cozy and the fact that it's reuseable.

A few selvage quilts...
Isn't this glorious!?!? Detail of "Selvage Pencil Case."

Selvage feathers - mini Audubon quilt by Elena McDowell | at carolinasquirrell at Etsy

My Best Selvage Quilt Ever! (So Far Anyway) | The Q and the U - Quilting Blog | Bloglovin’

Modern Selvage Quilting: Easy-Sew Methods • 17 Projects Small to Large by Riel Nason

I love the use of selvages on this unique quilt!

Modern Selvage Quilting: Easy-Sew Methods • 17 Projects Small to Large by Riel Nason

I hope this inspires you to start saving and using those selvages. There are many more ideas on my "selvage, projects" board.  And don't forget to leave a comment on this post for a chance to win a bag of selvages. Not many people have commented, so you'd have a pretty decent chance of winning. I'll sent them where ever you are.  I'll announce the winner tomorrow.

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Colleen Potter said...

very inspiring selection Mary ! I have saved a few selvages but unfortunately I usually think about it after the fact !