Thursday, July 21, 2016

Little Things ~~ Finishes

I've been on a "little things" kick! All day has been spent on making little things--shorts for a couple of grands, a skinny pincushion, a box cover. 

Interestingly, all six of these little things were made in one day.  First, I started off making this box cover from some of the chevron fabric Preeti sent. Isn't it cute-cute? You know, it takes more than one cute to describe such a sweet idea. 

So here's how it happened: I bought these fancy little clips at Hancock Fabrics just before the closing. There was very little left, but I found them as I was walking toward the counter to pay. At 70% off they were still a bit expensive, but heck, I splurged!

The binders come in a nice plastic box with a lid, but you know while the box does a great job of keeping them contained, it's not very pretty. I thought about making a small basket to put the clips in, but it would have needed to close and I didn't want that bother. Eventually, I thought to make a box shape that just fits the cover, so it opens easily but looks good closed and the binders are not going to go spilling everywhere. 

The left over bits of fabric just would not go into the scrap bin! No, really, they insisted on being used. So I thought about Amanda Jean's skinny pincushion and decided to do something like that. This is what I managed. Not as cute as Amanda's, but sweet enough to donate as part of a door prize at our guild meeting.

And now, the girls' shorts. I made this yellow pair that is much too big for their skinny little butts! So I went back to the drawing board and tried again. The thing is I don't know their sizes, so I had to look at a completed pair to see if maybe I was close. I think I got it with the second pair, so I made another. 

Since their mom likes to dress them conservatively, I decided to make the legs just a bit smaller. Enter a new pattern and two more pairs.

I'm hoping the little elves on these shorts will appeal to the girls even though they have odd faces. Regardless, Richard and I mailed all of the shorts off with a note to give any that don't fit to one of their cousins.

There we are all of the "little things" that are happening around here. The only other thing to discuss in this place is politics and the heat index that's up to 115 degrees. (Neither interests me very much.)

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Edited to add: When I wrote this post, I forgot to add the selvage giveaway that I've been planning. I know, right? Some "plan"! Anyway, if you're interested go here and leave a comment.


Gemini Jen NZ said...

Great work Mary, you're becoming quite the professional with those shorts!

Karen S said...

What a lovely day for little things.
Decorating the box has turned it into a lovely display item as well as being practical. And how lovely to be able to use the left over fabric in the pin cushion.
The shorts are delightful. There are such fun fabrics around now so it is a perfect way to use them.
A very productive day.

jenclair said...

:) Love the cover you made for the box! I had to laugh at the incarnations of the shorts--B.E. would like the cats best, but I love the ice cream fabric. "little things mean a lot" and there is plenty of proof of that here!

Kaja said...

I like all your little projects - it's the stuff I'm no good at but really admire when other people do it! I love the fabrics you chose for your shorts. :-)

Schulz Family said...

visiting from crazy mum quilts. Love all the shorts and the boxes.

Judy said...

Super projects Mary! I love the shorts, and your label looks great! Stay cool, it's hot and humid here in NY also.

Jen said...

What cute "little things"! I have been having those days lately too, where I just want to do something little and finish it that same day. I am sure the kids will love the shorts! They are darling.