Saturday, July 23, 2016

In One Day—a sneak peek

Actually, I suppose it's not technically one day of work if I had the fabric all cut out. I'm working on a quilt for one of the boys and his beautiful wife. They have a king size bed, so it's to be a king size quilt. Oh, so big!

A small pile of blocks 
Not one to lose timeand there's precious little before school begins againI decided to cut out some of the pieces before we left for the family reunion last weekend. I even packed up and brought everything with us, just in case, you know?

There were two problems: the living/dining area in the camper was set up for sleeping since we brought a couple of grands, and I visited/talked with everyone too much. So no sewing happened. 

Two of the blocks waiting their turn
This week I played with all the little things that I've been wanting to do. Well, that and I worked at my real job, since I had to attend a professional development workshop on Monday and give one on Tuesday. I needed some easy sewing after all that!

I'll return to that school work again this Tuesday, but I'm hopeful that I'll finish this quilt top at some point during the week. I will also be working on the pattern writing, since I think this might be a good design. The positive comments on one version of the quilt here have encouraged me and though I'm making some changes, I like the idea of writing another pattern. Stay posted to see how this goes!

Blocks sewn into strips but not necessarily
arranged in the correct sequence here.

So how much did I get done today? Almost half of the quilt top. I did sew a little yesterday afternoon, but I didn't advance very much. Today I must have hit my groove! I love the outcome! Now I just have to cut out the other half of the quilt and sew that together. 

Finally, don't forget to leave a comment on yesterday's post, Forgotten Selvages, for a chance to win a bag of selvages. 


Kaja said...

Goodness, that's quick work! Talk about seizing the day, Mary.

Karen S said...

I like the way this quilt is looking and growing. I hope you can get there before returning to school. I always found it hard having to use my holiday time for work, but there is no way around it. Good luck.