Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Krotz Springs Quilt Show (pt 1)

Last weekend Pam and I went to the annual Krotz Springs Quilt Show. We've gone to the show together for the last couple of years, so I was very happy that she invited me. (Click here for last year's post.) Thank goodness that she's both my friend and the president of our local guild...it means she has information that I don't necessarily get since I can't attend the meetings. And she is very kind about passing info along to me.

We agreed to leave early enough to have several hours at the show. It's not a terribly big show--perhaps 50 or so quilts--but there are quite a few vendors and the guild always invites another guild to give a trunk show. This means that there are several things to do.

The show is set up with the quilts lined up against the walls, tables of vendors within this circle and chairs set up in the middle of the room. Plus one area is set up with tables for demonstrations. 

 I didn't spend much money, but Pam is a  good shopper.  So she shopped and we chatted with friends and laughed about all sorts of silliness. And hadn't even looked at the quilts! That meant another round of the room after I walked out to put our bags in the car.

I snapped photos of almost every quilt that was hanging. Unfortunately, the quilts are folded so that all of them can hang in the available space. This means that viewers see only half or a third of each quilt. While it's enough to get a clear idea of what the quilt looks like, it's just not the effect of seeing the entire quilt. 

All of these photos are of the quilts that were hanging, which means they were made by people in the Krotz Springs guild. Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the quilts from the trunk show. I can't show all fifty pictures, so I've chosen some of my favorite. I hope you enjoy. 

Come back tomorrow to see pictures of the quilts from the River City Quilt Guild trunk show.

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Karen S said...

It looks like a great quilt show with plenty on offer for all.