Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Krotz Springs Quilt Show (pt 2)

Yesterday I told you about the Krotz Springs Quilt Guild Show that my friend Pam and I attended on Saturday. The River City Quilt Guild visited with a quilt show from about five of their members. 

As each member came up to show her quilts, she explained how that quilt came about, whether it won awards, and interesting details about the quilt. Two very accommodating guys held the quilts up and passed them off to two sweet ladies who folded the quilts once it had been shown. All very neat and orderly. 

 These aren't all of the quilts that they showed, but I didn't get pics of every one. Sorry about that, but there were too many to include them all anyway. 

This little animal quilt, which the maker said came from a kit, was very popular among the audience members. The animals have attitude and shoes, which certainly increases the cuteness factor.

The flip flops were also quite popular. I think it has something to do with the colors and popularity of flip flops. 

Hope you enjoyed the trunk show. Thanks to the River City Quilt Guild for sharing their lovely quilts.


Kaja said...

I did enjoy it- I've only ever been in one place with that many quilts a couple of times in my life!

Karen S said...

A lovely display of quilts.