Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: S T R I N G S

Farmhouse kitchen decorated for spring. Mason jars and flowers and reclaimed wood make everything so pretty! Love this story, too. <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>Before I get to entangled in today's post, I want to tell you that I started a new board "church, pew" which I imagine you can guess is all about church pews and how people are using them in home decor. 

The reason for the board is that I have a couple of pews that we bought three years ago and I need ideas on how to use them in our dining room since I need more seating there. My problem is that the sides on my pews are too tall. So my real goal is to find a way to trim them down or rework them. 

Okay, now for Sunday Quilt Inspiration: STRINGS....

Mega Chic Pearl necklace - designed by Emquies-Holstein:
Celestial Bell String Asst

String of Pearls - Our Urban Box:

Silver wire braided around deerskin thong. Kobolds Kerkerbastelei: Home Made Modern: 10 Sensational String Art Projects:

DIY Netted Macrame Stone Necklace Tutorial from Quiet Lion...:

Tutorial: String Balls, which I love for a party in lieu of balloons or bunting. Use Pam instead of petroleum jelly to coat the balloons?: ♡ Outdoor Light String:

DIY Ombre String  very cool Who knew and ALLL these people charging enormous amount of money for died yarn!! Hello Cha CHing for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

hanging pom poms threaded on yarn:

Hanging String of Bananas


String Quilt Cushion.  Think it's time to pick out some fabrics and hit the thrift store. I need a pillow for my bed.:

So string quilts.....

Scrappy Strings Quilt blocks:

Love the batiks in this quilt, very pretty colors. Lots of free patterns at this site -


T-Scrappy lines quilt by Linda Miller: "I'm pleased to have found a way that I like for using the bits left over from scrappy strip piecing.":

The Quilting Mill: "Woven" quilt by Kati Spencer in Scraps, Inc. (Lucky Spool Media).  Quilted by Barbie Mills.:

Great scrap quilt. This would be great in men's neck tie silks.:

String quilt blocks laid out in barn-raising pattern.  Fun to make!: The Way I Sew It: String Diamond Quilt:

Exuberant Color: Top sewn, construction station............:

The Festival of Quilts 2009  Love the pattern:

Anna Williams Visited My House  Made by Cathy Tomm

As always, most of these are on my "heart, quilts" Pinterest board. Enjoy!

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Kaja said...

I love some of those inspiration pictures and also all the different takes on the string quilt.