Thursday, July 14, 2016

Table Manners ~~ A Finish

I have a finish to show you, but it's not what you might expect. It's not even (exactly) my finish. Here's the backstory: We have a growing family. Our three boys are married adults. Their marriages have produced seven children! The grandchildren are almost adults themselves now that the oldest is a senior in high school.

This growth is causing a bit of a problem on those days when everyone wants to break bread together. Since our table was intended to seat six comfortably and we were five people when we purchased it, we were all quite happy. But the girls came along and joined the fun. That was easy: add two chairs and everyone could squeeze closer. It was a tight fit, but closeness is a good thing. Did you notice that the end chairs don't match?

Grandchildren became the problem. After two or three needed their own chairs, we just didn't have enough room, but we fixed that with a children's table. Because the cousins love each other and I've always dressed the kiddie table to coordinate with the grownup table, they didn't mind being relegated to another space.

However! The some of the grands are getting to an age that they want to bring friends or dates when there's a big family shindig. I learned from my own parents that inviting young people and their friends is a way to include them in family gatherings--they come if their friends can come. At the very least, it's more difficult to excuse yourself out of the gathering.

So what to do about grown grands who don't want to be seated at the kiddo's table? We've tried mixing up into groups with adults in both groups but having to be in two different rooms meant someone is always left out. When there's laughter in one room, the others have to leave their food to come join the conversation. So Richard decided to resolve the problem with a larger table. 

Louisiana cypress. 12 foot long.  Completely hand-made, or hand-hewn. The top from smooth-cut cypress, and the base from old barn cypress. The best part? Richard salvaged the barn cypress from my parents' barn. So while the top is beautiful to look at--it has a rustic but finished look--the base has a beautiful, sentimental story that is part of our family since I was about six years old (50 years now). Richard sanded the base so that it won't splinter, but still has an aged, grayish look. This is wood that has seen things, knows things. 

Right now we have only the eight wooden chairs from the other table. I've decided to add more by purchasing mismatched ones from flea-markets and such. It will be a work in progress rather than one that is resolved quickly, but we have folding chairs that will work for a while should more than eight want to sit at the table. It took months to complete. But it is perfect! 

What do you think? Would you consider having a rustic farm table in your only dining space? 

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jenclair said...

Well-- 1) What a wonderful problem to have; a close and growing family! 2) Farm tables are my favorite and this one is gorgeous. 3) I love that it is Louisiana cypress and that the base has personal history. 4) I was already thinking about cousins since your comment on my blog about receiving a letter from one of yours, and I can imagine all your grands having a grand time with all of their cousins!

Erika said...

What a gorgeous table and what a great story behind it!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Thanks Jenclair and Erika, I love the table and can barely wait for the whole clan to come for our first meal on this table. Richard is so talented and really sweet for surprising me with the barn wood cypress. What better way to honor my parents? Now we'll always have something from their lives in our home.

Emma's Daughter said...

That is a beautiful table that would be welcomed at my house! Just think of the love and happiness it will share, and I love the story behind it.

Karen S said...

Your table is wonderful. i can see many lovely family gatherings being hosted with this table in the centre.

Tammy Stack said...

I would LOVE it. Enjoy that growing family so much!

Kaja said...

Oh my goodness, how talented is Richard? I would happily have that table in my home. I love that it is both beautiful, and made with love, and that it carries your family history too. Perfect!

Colleen Potter said...

that's a beautiful table, it would look great anywhere !

Judy Kiesow said...

I love it! Keeping the wood is recycling not only the wood but the memories that are inside that wood. I think there is a comfort/peace in doing something like this. I love mismatched chairs!!! You are very blessed with such a large wonderful family. You need a chicken decoration for the table. LOL