Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sew [sweet] Preeti

I am We are all aware that quilters are wonderful, giving, extraordinary humans who do much to make the world a better place. We sew for those we love--quilts, clothing, home decor--little gifts that say "I love you."

If we are truly giving, we may make a quilt or two to send off to the victims of a great tragedy. Maybe we send dresses to Africa, or blankets for Project Linus. Perhaps we donate handmade items for a local group to sell. Maybe we are brave or smart, and we begin something that takes a life of its own.

Most importantly we do something. Something concrete. Something that those who receive our meager gifts can touch. Feel. Hold. Something that warms them. Something that clothes them. 

There's a quilter who takes this "world" business quite a bit much farther than most of us. Almost every quilt she has made has been for someone else.  Meet Preeti Harris of Sew Preeti Quilts.

Recently Preeti wrote about her trip to India to visit her sick mother. She also wrote about their relationship and about her relationship with her husband. I've followed her blog for some time, popping in to see her quilt progress and to learn a bit about her Indian culture. 

I left a few words of encouragement. Perhaps I gave advice that was not asked for. Maybe I even pushed stressed featured my Pro-Life, Marriage-Is-Sacred, Catholic agenda. Who knows what I said? It was (and still is) me. If nothing else, I stay true my beliefs.

Today this was in my mail. Preeti, the darling of blogland, wanted to thank me for my comments! A couple of fat quarters, some thread and the best smelling sandalwood soap. You can't imagine how good that fabric smells! I may never wash it. 

If you have not read Preeti's blog or seen her quilts, you want to visit Sew Preeti Quilts. Go. Now. You'll be thrilled and will likely learn something about making the world a better place.

Say hello from me!

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Kaja said...

I enjoy Preeti's blog, and her quilts and think I may have read your comments; how sweet that you sent you such a lovely gift in response to what you said! I love the packaging on that soap.