Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pin It Weekly #160

Barn quilt, Cass County NE160! Now isn't that a nice number? It means that we've had right at three years of Pin It Weekly. Give or take a few weeks. I'm impressed. Thank you to those of you who have come back time and again to see what's happening in my little Pinterest world and an even bigger thanks to those who have commented or otherwise communicated your appreciation for Pin It Weekly. I hope we can keep this going for a while longer. 

One way to do that is for you to join me in sharing your boards. Though having a linky party hasn't been terribly successful, I'm going to try again. So, after you scroll through and see what I've been pinning, grab the url from one of your boards and drop it into the linky so others can see what you're pinning.

diaryofastudent:  Some of the motivation/inspirational quotes that I can place around my bullet journal throughout the year. I’m pretty pleased with how all of them turned out. Was inspired by @mlstudies version.:

There are so many inspiring ideas, quotes, and prompts. It would be difficult impossible to pin them all but it's easy to find some interesting ones. Search bullet journal! I don't have a board, but I just discovered this new phenomena that seems to have taken over the 20-something set. These young professionals have conceded discovered that writing things down by hand can be a better way to remember ideas than typing them into a computer, ipad, or phone. Oh, really? 

Beautiful Header Examples #headers #bulletjournal #bujo by Abby H. from Bullet Journal Junkies FB Group: | My bullet journal list of things to STOP doing. Productivity needs a break, too!: Anyway, apparently much time can be wasted used doodling, drawing, and designing pages. Then, of course, one should blog about the pretties, Instagram pictures, and tweet. 

Bullet Journal:

Weekly layout update: not enough room on this one for me I don’t think…only Tuesday and I’m already out of space! On a positive note though… I am in love OBSESSED with planning and doodling in my...:

I almost started a board, but I think I'm too old busy. I have been adding to my boards. 

D a n c e ♥ e s s e n t i a l s @PrincessLHarris:

Meaghan Grace, soloist with The Royal Ballet in Leanne Marshall

You cannot do the same things every day and expect new results! --Danielle Fagan Collective Evolution:

Curated by    Your real girl guide to style and glamour - the home of #DailyGlam:

I love how gracefully and elegantly she poses. Simple, but very beautiful ~*_~*_~*:

New York City Dance Project Miriam Miller:

As you've probably guessed, I've added to my "ballet, dance" board, which has over 100 pins.  I've also added a new board this week, "sewing, studio" because I really enjoy looking at other crafters' spaces.  Most of the ones I've pinned so far are for sewing, but I plan to add pins from other crafts as well.  Surely other creative spaces can lend ideas that will work in our sewing rooms.
Sewing table:

Skirt hanger repurposed as a photo hanger.

For clippings and sketches.Make Your Own Fabric Ruler Organizer - The Silly Pearl

Adorable for a crafts / sewing room!

For cut strips, to keep them visible.


craft room

Craft Room Love


jenclair said...

Wonderful pins! I'm a pinner, but I rarely go back and look over all my pins.
Bullet journals--hmmmm. I love looking at other people's, but when I tried it, a week in and it looked pretty much all of my other journals. I just wasn't using it effectively. And quite frankly, I "lie" in my journals. I put things on my "to do" list AFTER I've done them!

Kaja said...

I haven't been pinning much, but you make me think I should revisit some of my boards. The bullet journals just remind me that nothing beats pen and paper (that's my age, I guess).

Judy Kiesow said...

I have a board on Pinterest Judyk2310 and I think there are over 50,000 pins not. About 20,000 are my granddaughters. I pin when I'm waiting at the doctors or other places. I started to do bullet journaling but I don't know that I go that way. I envy people that journal as they will always have a record of their life. I find that I forget those little details. Maybe in my retirement but first I need to get my sewing room in order!! I'm retiring in August so I'll have time. Let's see if I have the gumption!! LOL