Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The big reveal.......And the winner is

Congratulations to Kelsey!!!
She won three fleur de lis appliques and a $44 gift certificate from my Fleur de Lis Quilts Etsy Shop.
I've sent her an email to let her know she's won.  
Please visit her Etsy shop or blog and congratulate her or leave her a note in comments.

and now for 
Remember, I told you not to get too excited.  The paint is still in the cans! Regardless, I've been wanting to show you around the studio.  Richard worked so hard to get it finished before going in for surgery, and I just can't wait till I get to the painting and, of course, picking up and putting away all the stuff.  So, here's the deal:  I'll show you the photos, but you'll somehow manage not to see all the stuff piled up and all the construction dust, and all the unfinished projects lying around.  There's even some tools still waiting for me haul to Rich's shed.  You won't see those either, right?

Let's start in the old part of the studio.  This wall is the one that faced out toward the driveway.  When we removed the wall, I had Rich leave this section.  I will put in a new bulletin board to use for inspiration and have moved the Accuquilt cutter there.  On either side of the wall there is a large opening to the new part of the studio.   
The back side of the wall will have low book shelves for all of my quilting books.  Above the book shelves, I plan to display medium size and baby quilts.  
Looking into the addition from the right side of that wall, you can see the long arm.  It takes up almost half of the addition, but then it is the reason Rich wanted so badly to add on, so I guess it can take up all the space it needs.

Looking through the other open into the addition, you can see the new door and two of the windows.  I had planned to add a seating area here with just a few chairs and my dad's old trunk for a coffee table, but now that I've put Ma-ma's quilt stand there, I really like having it near the windows.  I guess I'll have to think about it some more.  What do you think--the quilt stand or a seating area?

This is the addition from the corner of that opening.  Here you can see that the long arm is near two more windows.  These are really big windows for lots of natural light.  That poor light bulb is going to be changed once Rich is well.  We just ran out of time and I won't attempt to connect anything electrical--I have a healthy fear of being zapped!

Back into the older part of the studio where we had the long arm, we've added these salvaged cabinets.  Rich did lots of work on them after he put them in to dress them up a bit.  I haven't decided what I want to put in the glass doors.  

I'm afraid my stash is too big to put all of the fabric in and I'm so messy that it will end being an disorganized, chaotic mess rather than a display that inspires me.  Isn't the cabinet pretty though?  This is getting to be difficult, I really don't know what to put in here.

 And the final picture is of the bottom of the cabinet.  I plan to make this into my desk.  I've already stored some of my office supplies on one side.  On the other side I will keep the binders filled with patterns, templates and articles that I clip out of magazines or create on my own.  

Congratulations again to Kelsey and thank you to those of you who participated in the giveaway.  The one surprise that I didn't expect is that we now have 50 followers to the blog.  How lovely that just as we're wrapping up the one year anniversary of my Etsy shop, we gain our 50th follower!  Thank you to everyone!

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