Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quilty Tuesday

Today started out pretty agreeable since I finally got a chance to do some serious work on the guild quilt.  I'm not finished, of course, but I'm getting close.  Since I am responsible for the quilting only, there's no squaring up or binding to worry with.  Just finish the quilting and deliver it to the next person.  Easy enough, right?

Not that you can see the quilting in this photo, but I chose to quilt the red blocks in a feather wreath design that goes from corner to corner so that it supports the seams.

On the inside of the wreath I dropped in some feathers and a few scrolls that help to fill in the center.  This works quite well since a few of the fabrics have scroll designs in them.

The green posed a problem for me because of its shape.  I wasn't sure how I'd fill out the points but I liked the idea of including Christmas designs.  Again I went to the fabrics for ideas and the border fabric has some beautiful poinsettias.  I used my trusty white board to mimic the design.  

As usual, my drawing was pretty crude, but the quilting outcome isn't so bad.  You may be able to see the small pointy circles that represent the stamens and the two or three leaf sizes of the poinsettia flowers.  

While that worked quite well for the complete blocks,  I didn't think it would look very good in the half blocks.  Another look at the fabrics and I found some holly berry and leaves, which are pretty easy to mimic even on the white board.

I finished everything off with a small stipple in the yellow.  Otherwise, the yellow popped up in a most unruly manner and just looked silly.  The tight design helped to hold it down and allowed me to get very close to the seams, which I wanted to do since some of those seams were a little loosely stitched.

A couple of hours of sewing tomorrow should finish up the quilt and I'll deliver it on Thursday.  Just in time, too, because today the guild newslettter arrived in the mail along with the raffle tickets for this fundraiser quilt.

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