Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Giveaway Time!

prize      prize      prize

Site edited to add photo

A three pack of fleur de lis qppliques
appliques have paper-backed iron-on adhesive 
and are ready to apply to any fabric or paper

cut on my Accuquilt Studio Cutter

using my custom made fleur de lis die

and you get to choose the color
from these fabrics, solid black or solid white 
So you might ask, what can I do with three appliques?  
Here are some ideas:
  add it to a scrapbook page

make a table runner
decorate a bag
embellish a garment
make a wall hanging
ahhh, the possibilities

Now the rules:
Let's keep it simple--2 rules
1. follow my blog and 2. comment on this page 
pretty please include your email address in the comment 
so that I can reach you when the giveaway is over in two weeks
(assuming you win, of course)

And the details: 
who: anyone, anywhere can enter
what: three fleur de lis appliques in your choice of color based on those in the photo above
when: beginning June 8 10:00 pm 
ending June 22 10:00 pm central time
where: anyone, anywhere across the globe
why: just cause I can!

Extra entries (yea!)
Each day I will include a question at the end of the day's post
answer the question for an additional chance to win
that means another chance every day for about two weeks
in Mary math that's 14 more chances to win 
(give or take, that's how Mary math works)

questions won't be hard, just fun (suggestions considered)


Jenya said...


I would love to win your Fleur de Lis appliques in green. I don't see a question to answer.....You can contact me through my Etsy shop

Thanks so much,

jenclair said...

Nice give-away, Mary! Love the way the fleur de lis looks on that bag.

sophie said...

I love the Fleur de Lis design (and the irises on which they're based) and I love that orangey gold fabric. Whomever wins, I hope that we'll get to see what they do with them ... my head is already spinning with so many possibilities--I love your bag and table runner. I think they'd look great on a throw pillow or used as abstract flowers (with stems and leaves) on a wall hanging ...

Julia said...

I love the design! I am your newest follower

Jenna said...

I'm a follower on GFC and I would like my color to be green.

Tirabaralla said...

Hello and TY for the opportunity!

I am now a follower and would like to take part...fleur the lis is the simbol of my city, among other things :)


Jacqueline said...

im a new follower! I love the fleur de lis!! its so pretty :)