Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Whew! It's sure is hard

Big Daddy E's Restaurant
to live without internet service for an entire week!  I can't believe that a little one inch rain can do such long-lasting damage.  And the irony: we've been praying, begging for rain--and still are!

Images from Paragon Casino website
Last Thursday Richard wanted a little time away but not much time away, so we went off to dinner and a movie on a big Thursday afternoon.  The nearest theater is only about 30 minutes away at Paragon Casino in Marksville, and they were showing The Hangover 2 which we wanted to see since the first one was hilarious.  We enjoyed the movie very much despite the fact that it gets a quite raunchy at times, but we'd been warned by a son that this one is more vulgar than the first one.

As we left the casino we sort of sensed that the air had changed but we assume that the barometric pressure had changed as there was supposed to be rain.  Turns out the rain had already come and we didn't even know it.  On the way home we noticed that lights were out in some areas and our oldest son called to say they were without electricity.  They actually wanted to come spend the night at our house because the heat was so oppressive that they didn't think anyone would really sleep.

Calling to ask for that favor didn't do them much good as we were out of electricity also.  We managed to get some sleep but it was pretty miserable, and it only got worse the next day since the lights didn't come on till noon.  By that time the house was hot and muggy and the air oppressive.

While the lack of internet service did put a kink in my postings, it didn't stop other work from happening.  I managed to finish another quilt and will post photos tomorrow.  I also presented "Fussy Cut Dresden Plates" at our quilt guild meeting on Monday and met my dental appointment today.  Not to mention the babysitting I've done!

Richard has been busy finishing up the work we've been doing on the studio and I picked up paint today.  I'm hopeful that the big reveal will happen in another week or two.  And, since I've been planning to have my first giveaway, I'll try to have that ready by the end of this week, in the hopes that the two will coincide.

So start putting your thinking caps on, I'll have some questions for you in the next few days....posting an answer to them will be your entry to the giveaway!  Hmmm, now what could I ask?  You might give some hint to questions you're fairly sure you can answer......in fact, do better than that......send in some questions.  My plan is to ask one question a day for several days.....giving you an opportunity to enter the giveaway every day that you post an answer.


Of The Fountain said...

Holy crap, I couldn't live if I didn't have internet for a week! I'm glad you enjoyed the movie...I'd like to see it sometime (though not sure I could justify $12 for a movie ticket).

Cheryl said...

I was about to go crazy with no internet for a weekend, much less a week! Funny how we quilters can find a project to work on no matter what the conditions!

LaDonna and Diana said...

My sister was without internet for such a long time because of the flooding there. It's hard to be without it, but you sure can get a lot more done! Looking forward to seeing your studio!