Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yes, finally, it rained today.  Not enough yet, but a really good start.  The plants that have survived thus far look so clean and fresh.  That would not be the squash or green beans.  In fact, I've begun pulling the green beans out and feeding them to the goats.    Hopefully the cucumbers will make a few more cause there are still some tomatoes and I like lots of different veggies in my salad.

Take a look at what I worked on today.  It will be a pillow something like the one I made a few weeks ago.  Remember this one?  

I plan to quilt it first then make it into a pillow.  I haven't decided on the quilting motif.  The fabric has a distinct Asian influence, so I want to do a little more research before I quilt it.

I love the red and black colors.  In fact, it's the colors that inspired me to choose the fabric from the stash.  

I like the look so much that I decided to play with it a little more and ended up making something I've been toying with for a while.

A small quilt for AAQI!  Yes, I went ahead and made one.  I know, Jenclair and I have said we'd start at the beginning of July, but I just needed to see what we are in for.  Turns out that it takes only an hour or so.  Of course, that depends very much on how difficult the pattern is, but something as simple as this one took me about an hour and a half from cutting to quilting to binding.

A few strips and a circle cut from the focus fabric added to coordinating solids all pieced together in any haphazard way.  I tried to mimic the writing on the focus fabric, but there's no way I'm good enough for that.

Regardless, I like the outcome and hope that it will fetch a few dollars for AAQI.  Every little amount helps when it is added to the rest.  

I have lofty goals of making a few AAQI quilts this summer, but I can't commit myself to more than one or two.  Although Richard is healing well, his surgery has taken a toll on me.  I'm exhausted most of the time.  It's funny how much he did that I didn't appreciate before.  Of course, now that I'm doing everything he did and everything I normally do, I'm feeling the pain.  I haven't even begun painting the studio or putting things away.  My "big reveal" will be more of a "there, that's it."  Not a lot of fanfare, I'm afraid.

One more day!  Yep, that's all that's left for you to get in on the giveaway! 
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jenclair said...

We got some rain, too! While it was not enough, I was grateful, and it did cool things down some.

So you've finished your first AAQI quilt--good for you!

I started gathering fabrics last night and piecing today. Maybe I'll finish tonight if I go back upstairs and work a little more.

We are on our way! (Remember to take care of yourself, though. Sounds like a lot on your plate.)

Michele Bilyeu said...

I'm so glad you joined in the AAQI quilt making and donating team! When you send in your quilts,and they are up on site, please be sure to tell all of your friends and relatives as they are our best quilt buyers. Check our quilts for sale site and see how many lovely quilts are still for sale and need buyers and maybe even think about buying one, as well. Lovely to have you sewing with us, Mary!