Saturday, June 11, 2011

In Memory of Momma

Last Saturday would have been my mom's birthday, but since she passed away in November, it was a bit hard to come up with an idea to honor her life.  Then Sunday it finally hit me....she loved flowers and our church needs flowers to decorate the altar.  Good combination, I figured.  I'd pick up some flowers and arrange them in a nice bouquet to donate to church.  I found this tin on clearance for $6 at Hobby Lobby and knew I had the perfect container.

A little floral foam to hold the flowers in the container.
 A bored granddaughter to take pictures.
 And a couple piles of silk flowers.
I picked these up at Hobby Lobby, too.  (not on clearance)
These white and gold flowers are some that I used for arrangements for mom and dad's 50th anniversary party a few years ago.  She would love that I saved money and used her flowers.
Hmm, getting close to what I envisioned.
 The feathers in the bouquet match beautifully with the tin.

 Can't go wrong with lilies.  They give height to the bouquet and the deep, dark purple gives it drama.

 I really love peonies, probably because they won't grow here.  It's way too hot in the summer.
 Even the back of the bouquet looks pretty good.
 Couple of more pics and we're done.

I bet you thought I'd forgotten about the question of the day, huh?  No way!  It must have something to do with flowers.....what is your favorite?  Type, color, whatever.  Just leave a comment so you can get extra chances to win the giveaway.  Don't forget to follow this blog, it's the only way to be eligible.  Well, do leave a comment with your email address so I know you want in!

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