Monday, June 27, 2011

Just how crazy can I be?

As a member of the Etsy Blog Team, I have access to many other team members and their expertise.  A few weeks ago someone started a listing of blogs and asked that each person who added his/her blog url also copy and paste the previous urls.  Well, I decided to take a look at each of those blogs.  Single spaced, it's about three a lot of blogs.  I'm about halfway.  

But you know, I have to be just a little more kooky.....I had to put them in alphabetical order.  Yes, that's how I roll.  I may not dust the furniture, but the pantry looks great...behind closed doors.  Call it OCD tendencies if you must, but I think I'm just a little crazy in a kooky kind of way.  

So, it's not enough to actually open and read each blog, I am doing it in abc order.  Thank goodness, I'm not so crazy that I'm making myself comment on each blog.  That would probably be going a little too far!  

So do I have anything of real interest to post tonight?  Not really.  I cleaned house and worked on the guild quilt but there are no photos to show you just yet.  I am hopeful that I'll finish tomorrow....and that will be possible only if Rich wakes up in a better mood tomorrow.  He's feeling better, but he's bored out of his mind and I guess I'm the big show.  Newsflash: my favorite part of the day is when I get to cross over to the studio and lose myself in some stitches!  I guess he just needs to come watch me stitch on the guild quilt, but then, that would be as interesting as some of the movies he's been watching since the surgery.  

Here's a question that might put you in the same kooky category as I'm in: what do you do that's just a little off kilter to the rest of the world?

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jenclair said...

I'm so not OCD in anything. Not creatively, not in cleaning/straightening, not in reading. I'm totally random, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, don't know where I'm going until I get there.

It is as frustrating as being OCD. I dream of being organized and having every item in its place, of sketching out my plans and possible details before beginning a project, of having all of the ingredients before beginning a recipe.

It is usually easy to pinpoint my errors. I skipped a step or substituted an item or forgot to take into account an important consideration.

I'm always swearing to do better, but at my age, it is only dreaming!