Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Anniversary!

Yea!  Whoopee!  I'm in a celebratory mood--
Handmade scarf, Sheer Organza, Purplelet's count blessings:
1. first, of course, God
2. my darling soul mate is safely recovering from surgery, napping nicely in his little hospital bed, and assured a pretty good night of morphine induced, pain-free dreaming
3. our beautiful sons have babies of their own and are happy, well-adjusted, functioning members of society (with wives to encourage all that good stuff)
4. our sweet grand-bebes spoil Grammy and Poppa as much as we spoil them.
5. one fabulous studio sits four steps from my back door
6. finally, it's one year today, June 15, that I opened my Etsy shop.  

It's rather hard to believe all the life lessons, sorrows, and milestones we've experienced in that one year, and though it was especially difficult at times, I am grateful that I had both my quilting and the Etsy shop to serve as diversions during mom's lengthy illness and eventual death.   

Designer Throw Pillow in quilted cottonI am especially grateful to the many Etsians and bloggers who were around to answer my questions, give advice, and listen to my ramblings in that year.  

Thank you for being such a wonderful group of mentors, friends and listeners.  And a another thank you to those who recommended, purchased items or "hearted" the shop.  You will never really know how much you helped me as I grieved the loss of my darling mother and tried to pick up the pieces of my shattered life.
Handmade Heart Applique OnesieOkay, so now, let's celebrate!  Let's make it a real celebration!  There's already a giveaway going on, but really, that's not enough of a giveaway to celebrate an anniversary.  I say let's make it worthy of an anniversary.  Tonight I have 44 followers--sounds like a good number to me, so let's use it to celebrate.  The winner of the giveaway posted here will also receive 44 dollars of Fleur de Lis gifts.  The choice is yours.  To choose your gift I will email you a special coupon code (good for one time) that will take $44 off your Fleur de Lis Quilts purchase.  
Zebra print Hairbow and Belt matching set

Eligibility is quite simple:
Follow this blog and leave a comment on this post.  Yea, you have to do both because I love followers and I love comments.  Yes, I do read every single one and appreciate every single one.   In other words, I want to hear from you!
Clutch,  navy silk Dupioni, beads and tasselTo keep things simple, let's just leave the rules alone--same date for drawing, etc.  The only thing different is that now you get more freebies!  

Now, that's a celebration!

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