Friday, June 17, 2011

New Etsy Listing--Kinder Mat

My niece, Stacy, of Stacy Burkhart Photography has been such a sweetheart about helping me to attract customers to my Etsy shop.  When she asked me a few days ago whether I could make a kinder mat for her son, Seth, who starts kindergarten this fall, I gladly agreed to make one for him.  She's a great photographer and has taken photos for me on several occasions, so this is a little way to return the favor.

Isn't Seth a cutie?  He's so ready for kindergarten.  But he needs a mat cover.  When they came for lunch last Sunday, we took him into the studio and let him pick out his own fabric for the cover.  His favorite color is green.....can you tell?  

He wanted this plaid but there was just a small piece of it and I don't think I can get more, so we had to choose another color.  He finally decided on solid green.  Since the two colors work so well together, I decided to applique his name on the front using the plaid.  She tells me he loves it.

My plan now is to make more of these and offer them in my Etsy shop. I'd like to have them available in a couple of ways: as custom orders in which customers can choose their own color(s), prints, closure and as ready-made covers that customers can simply purchase and have delivered in a few days.

Seth's cover is quite plain because that's what he wanted but I am aware that most youngsters today, especially girls, prefer the louder, brighter colors and prints available today, so I'll have to make a few in hot pink, purples, oranges, yellow and so on.

Of course, while out shopping today, I picked up a few yards.  Afterall, I mostly buy half yards and fat quarters these days, and there's no way I'm going to make a mat cover with a fat quarter!

What small projects have you been making lately?  

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