Thursday, June 9, 2011

fleur de lis applique info

I thought you might like to know just a little more about the appliques some lucky someone will win
Page edited to include photo.

These are the appliques.
They're not ironed on to anything, so they curl up along the edges, which distorts the photo some. (sorry about that) 

  Note that the appliques are all a bit different.
They are also NOT connected.  Each one has four pieces: a body, two arms, and a crosspiece.
Only the crosspieces are exactly alike.
 You'll get three different body styles
and three different arm styles.
And you can mix and match them as you prefer.
The three pics below show one body style, but each pic has that body paired with a different set of arms.

I designed the appliques with the express purpose of being able to mix and match body styles to arm styles so that instead of having three fleur de lis appliques, I have, in essence, nine differing appliques.  My intent in the next few weeks is to make one quilt with each of the nine different appliques.  I'll post a photo here so that you can see how they will work together while being a little different.

Of course, it takes a little more thought to put them together or they'll come out wonky looking--one arm higher than the other or something just a little off kilter (which is quite obvious in my photos).  To resolve that, I've come up with a template and instructions that I'll include in the giveaway so that the winner can build her appliques without the added hassle of trying to figure out how to make everything match.

And now for the question of the day! 
For a extra entry into the giveaway, answer the following in a comment to this post:
Which of the color choices in the giveaway is your favorite?  They are (clockwise from bottom) indigo, blue, purple, deep green, wine, sunshine, pumpkin, royal blue and red.  (not shown: solid black and solid white)
Remember, this posting is for an extra chance to win.  You must follow my blog and comment in the original giveaway post.

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sophie said...

How clever to design the Fleur de Lis as parts! I called it orangey gold yesterday--PUMPKIN is my favorite.

Gmama Jane said...

I Love the yellow and orange colors!! Like the appliques too!!
Gmama Jane