Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gee's Bend Inspired Pillow Project

I've been wanting to work on a project inspired by one of the Gee's Bend quilts that I discovered online last week.  Because I've been working on the blue/green quilt, I've delayed starting this project.  Today I just could not delay any longer.  I had to give this yellow pillow cover a go.

It went together surprising fast and easy.  Of course, it's been percolating in my brain for a week now, which means I'd probably worked out all the kinks and challenges.  

Since it was completed in almost no time, I was able to do a little housekeeping, work on the blue/green quilt, cook supper, and check on a couple of struggling students.

Just before closing shop for the evening, I snapped a few pics of the pillow cover and then quickly pointed the camera toward the design wall.

I'm running out of the olive green, so I've chosen to incorporate large blocks of the blue stripe.  This quilt, like the last one I made, is for my sister's grandson.  

The brothers' live in Washington state, and Angie wants to send the quilts to them soon.  She asked for a blue and a green.  To make them match a bit, I've decided to make them both blue and green, with one having mostly green and the other mostly blue.  I'm using fabrics from my stash, a few of which I've used in both quilts.

I'm also supposed to include fabrics from mom's stash.  The olive and the blue stripe are from mom, so there's no running out to get more.  The fabrics are old and who knows when or where mom got them.  I'm over half way with this one.  In fact there's only one more section to go.  Still, I need enough of that olive for the border. 

Here's the completed, almost-matching, green strip quilt.


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