Monday, June 17, 2013

here's the luck

I was playing with a granddaughter on the edge of the garden and stepped too close to the edge where the rows begin.  My foot turned; two hours later the doc says it's broken.  (My pinky toe bone on the left foot.  Something about pinkies with me.)  Anyway, now I'm hobbling very badly on a pair of crutches, which apparently I do not know how to use.  I've fallen off the crutches twice.

Well, actually they tend to throw me off...literally.  Once face first into the sofa....not so bad.  The second time, head long into the car door hinge....not so good.   Jammed my head and neck so I'm sore and in pain, and there's an 18 wheeler coming down the street so I need to get my head out of the door and my butt out of the street.  I manage to do all that just to get to the door of the building where I'm supposed to be teaching a quilting class: the place is locked.  No one shows up for 30 minutes.  Temps are kicking high 90's and I have to hobble back to the car or stand in the sun.

I'm finally home and have managed to get a cold diet Dr. Pepper, the phone and the remote.  I'm not moving from the recliner until Rich gets here.  Of course, I forgot to take pictures of my class and their work.

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