Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kentucky Barn Quilts

While we were traipsing around Kentucky, we noticed a couple of barn quilts along the highway.  We flew right by the first two before realizing it.  

There was no stopping the car in time and Richard would not hear of going back.  Of course, at the time we were following my sister Laura who had a mission of arriving at Mammoth Cave with extra time to play.  So, no, we would not, could not, must not stop!

 Oh, okay.  However, once we left Laura and her girls behind and were headed off to Paducah, he agreed that we would stop and take pictures of "a few" barn quilts.  He was a bit curious, but mostly he knew that life would be rough otherwise.  Hey, the guy is smart!

Here they are.....three barn quilts.  That's all we saw.  I had already decided that we would stop for every barn quilt.  Alas, we saw only three and, yes, I checked out every barn along the way.   

If you really want to see more barn quilts, do a search.  You'll find many photos, some a bit better than my professional portraits. {wink}

And while we're doing the outdoor thing, here are a couple of magnolia flowers I shot in Paducah.

Aren't they beautiful?  They were at eye level--perfect for getting a really close look--and smelled so fresh and lemony.  

Happy barn quilting,


Pattilou said...

Those barn quilts are fun. Never seen more than the pics myself.

Kelly Young said...

What an adventure! They are so cool!

-Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation