Friday, June 21, 2013

Tomatoes and onion and peppers and.......corn?

Yes, indeed!  Corn!  Our garden is going insane.  Well, really it's supposed to be producing way too much for us.....Richard is selling it at the local farmer's market.  But goodness, we can't eat all the extras.  After he picks the produce, he culls out the items with blemishes.  Those are mine!  

I'm okay with it because I know the blemishes are not harmful and, because I hate for any food to go to waste, I've been trying to use up the culls.  I can't eat cook it up fast enough!

I can put it up though.  I've canned 25 pints of salsa.  There are two batches: one is kind of plain, the other has corn added.  I had that idea when Rich came in and said that he would pull corn to take to his parents.    

Isn't he wonderful?  He pulled and shucked the corn for us.  Cleaning didn't take long and then it was quick work to cut it into the tomato recipe.  

 I must be getting better at this chore: every one of the lids sealed.

I love the sound of that little pop!  If the cooked salsa tastes anything like the raw version, I'll love it as well!

Since corn is one of my favorite veggies, I'm excited to try the corn version, but they both tasted pretty good!

What are you up to during these hot summer days?

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