Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Guild Meeting....finally!

I attended the June meeting of the Cotton Quilters Guild, which is held at the Cottonport Museum and Cultural Center.  It was wonderful!  I haven't been to a meeting in so many months because teaching full time just kills all chances of  attending.  The ladies welcomed me so warmly that, though I was excited about going, they really reminded me of the reason I love it.  

I brought three quilts for show and share but you know about these since I've discussed them before.  

Many of the other members also brought in projects to share.  Of course, I apologize for the photos: in case, my usual camera skills aren't bad enough, people kept getting in the way, and the show and tell folks seemed to want nothing more than to fold up the quilts.  It's amazing how crazy it gets with several of us wanting to snap a picture, several wanting a better view, and at least two or three wanting to touch!  Really?  Can't people see how important my blog pictures and how awful my skills?  

 Sorry about the heads.....little white haired ladies get all the leeway they want.  And touchers, well, they're going to touch so we may as well let them.  I know this and say it with love....I'm a toucher.  (It is a word in Louisiana. Really.  French -verb- meaning "to touch."  Spelled just like this, too.  Pinkie promise. )
Did you figure out that this is part of the quilt above?  It's the top border ready to be attached.  Can you believe the gorgeous applique?  Hand.
 Focus? What does that mean?

 Embroidered blocks.  Hand.  Yes.  (so much talent in that room!)

Now, I took pictures of at least six more quilts....uhm, heads.  They aren't here because who wants to see the back of some strangers' heads?  I'll spare you.  Just know that my friends and sweet guild members are fantastic, wonderful, happy Cotton Quilters! 

And one of them has not a lick of sense when it comes to cameras.  

Oh, a bit of news from yesterday: I'm teaching a class on the 17th of this month.  Yes, I'm available.  Yes, I can teach machine applique.  Sure, I can make four hours work.  Okay, I'll do something simple enough.  What to bring?  Uh, a fat quarter and a couple of five inch squares?  

Batting?  forgot to mention it
Iron-on adhesive?  forgotten
Backing? not on the "list"
Flying by the seat of your pants......costly

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