Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Meet and Greet

I really enjoy blog hops.  And because they are so much fun, I've decided to join another.  This one is hosted by a couple of bloggers: "To Just Be You," "Created By Laurie," "Sleepy Single Girl," and "Mommy Mentionables."  Wow!  Now there's a great start to a fun party!  They are all young, interesting quilters and crafters with lots to say about their creative pursuits.  Please go by their blogs and enjoy the many subjects they are so adept at discussing.

I plan to spend a bit of time looking over their tutorials.  It's been a while since I've posted one and I need some ideas!  I'm hoping that reading theirs will help something click.  

Each week they will have a guest blogger, this week it's "One Fine Wire."  Another blogger to visit while you're visiting the 18 others that have already joined.  If you like reading blogs, this should be a fun way to enjoy the rest of the week, don't cha think?

Since I'm on the blog roll, I should answer the question of the week or day, or whatever.....What is your perfect vacation?

My perfect vacation is any place where my hubby happens to be.  If it also happens to be cool, so much the better!  (Our 100 degree summers get old fast.)  Oh, let's include the kids and grandchildren, but because it would be so easy to lose them.....let's put everyone on a cruise!  There we are--a perfect vacation includes the entire clan of Marcotte's on a cruise to Alaska.

Photos from Google images.

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