Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Saturday Finish

Yes indeed, a happy Saturday!  First up, a trip to Baton Rouge to take this little guy to his new momma.  He was very good in the car, didn't get carsick or anything.  He did, though, leave me a small little surprise to clean up when I got home.  Since we met at Bergeron's, a meat store just outside of BR, I ran in and picked up some supper.  Delicious!

After that chore was done and I'd returned home, I did a bit of housework, though not much, then scooted into the studio to finish up the string quilt that I've been working on for a day or so.  I was inspired by the String Festival that Rachel had on her blog, Stitched in Color.  Visit her here and check out the fabulous quilts.

I got a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to finish it today.  I'd made a math error and needed six more sets of strings to get the width I needed.  Not a problem, right?  I  just used the strings already cut for the second quilt.  

Richard came in just in time to hold up the finished top for a photo. Way to close to the light.....good help is hard to find, so I'll take cute help.  Hopefully I'll get it loaded on the long arm tomorrow and quilt it this week.


Texas JennyWren said...

Wow, it always amazes me when someone can make a quilt so quickly. Mine take me 3-9 months, and that is at top speed!! Yours is very pretty with the strings and colors.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a nice comment about my vintage card.

Beth in MN said...

What a fast and fun quilt. Think I am going to have to make one. The strips and strings need to be downsized. They just keep having babies!! LOL