Thursday, June 13, 2013

Not again! Pin It Wednesday #21

Now, this is just sad.  Why can't I remember when it's Wednesday?  Am I losing it or just ......well, let's not answer that!

I'm too embarrassed to think, so instead I'm going to show pictures from our recent trip to Mobile, AL.  These are from my sister Laura who sent me a fabulous package: CD's of pictures from our trips to Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama.  Oh, they are gorgeous photos!  

Disclaimer: I haven't touched a photo....they are all her creative talent at work.  I'm just putting them here to share with you.

We spent part of the afternoon walking around the city like true tourists, cameras in hand, gawking at the beauty of old buildings and new.  When we happened upon the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Mobile, we stepped in to say some prayers and enjoy the basilica. 

Note to self: just point out the shot and let Laura do the work.  Isn't this architectural corbel unbelievable?  

Across from the cathedral is a small deeply shaded park with lots of benches, a gazebo, a huge cross (above) and, of course, Spanish moss hanging from the live oaks that line the streets. 

A short walk toward "the beach" turned out to be the riverfront.  No beach.  We were planning to kick back and play on the beach.  Well, anyway, we learned something and enjoyed the ships and barges passing through.

From there, we walked to a pub for something to drink and a snack.  The seafood was delicious!  After that we returned to the hotel to get dressed for a visit with family.  Definitely the way to end our Mobile day.

Have you been to a Southern city?  What was best about your visit: people, customs, food, music, architecture?  There's so much in any city in the deep South to enjoy.....just not always a beach!

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Mayleen said...

Mobile must be a very beautiful town! I love all the old architectural details.

The furtherest south I have been is Chattanooga, TN and I enjoyed the history of the area the most.