Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Quilt Inspiration

For today's quilt inspiration, I thought I'd share my inspiration for this quilt, which I made for the studio.  I'm teaching an applique class a week from tomorrow and have decided to use this small piece as the inspiration for the class.  Each student is to bring a fat quarter and five inch square in a solid color.  I'll bring along a few more fat quarters, batting and iron-on fusible web.  

My plan is that we'll cut the fat quarter in half to make both the front and back for a small 9 X 11 quilt.  The solid color squares will be the pieces we'll cut for the applique.  Students can share with each other or use some of the fabric I'll bring to have some variety in colors.

One reason for using this piece is that there are at least three different applique techniques, making it a good example piece.

Another reason, is that I have both free-hand cut pieces and die-cut pieces, giving students the concept that both are options.

And the final reason: flowers.  We love flowers, so I figure I can't go wrong with them.  

So back to the beginning: place for inspiration is my own garden, another (easy to share inspiration) is Pinterest.  I often use Pinterest to look at individual flowers and to get ideas for unusual flowers.  

 While these two photos can't help much in figuring out how a flower is formed, they can help in determining which colors work well together and in figuring out arrangements.

I've found these photos useful in looking at how to place petals and stamens. 

And, of course, these have been useful in determining how to form flowers that dangle from a stem, although I didn't use that type of flower in the example quilt.

I just planted both cockscomb and morning glory in my yard, so I found photos of both to get an idea of how to make those flowers because it would be fun to include them in a future quilt. 
I hope that this helps you in finding inspiration and techniques for your own quilting.  Just remember that inspiration can come from anywhere, if you listen to that little voice in your head saying, "Hey pay attention."

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