Friday, June 7, 2013

TGIF? Already?

My only free week of summer went much too quickly.  It probably has something to do with the appointments, babysitting, and work commitments.  How this happens every summer, I can't explain.

It just does.  Tuesday I begin virtual summer school, meaning that I'm committed to three hours every day till school starts again.  

Of course, this means less sewing and quilting than I'd like to be able to do, so it also means taking advantage of every spare moment.
This week I did just that....took advantage of the spare moments. In an effort to put every moment my time to good use, I decided to cut fabric for three quilts at once.  My sister has commissioned quilts for two of her grandsons--one in green, one in blue--and I had decided to make a blue quilt using a new custom Accuquilt die that arrived last week.  I am hoping that those blocks will each look like a blue flower with a yellow center and green leaves. 

So, as I pulled blue fabrics from my stash to make my sister's blue quilt, I also cut off a wide strip for the blue flower quilt.  I did the same with the green fabrics that I'm using for her green quilt.  This will save me some time since I'm pulling and spreading out fabrics only one time.  I find that to be a time consuming chore.  

Of course, my flower quilt will have the same fabrics as Angie's quilts, but that's a small problem.  A bigger problem was choosing the fabrics.  Her grandsons probably don't want lots of "girly" prints, but I do want some in my flower quilt. To solve that, I cut the more masculine prints first, putting aside any feminine prints.  Then I cut what I needed of the feminine prints for my flower quilt. 

Yesterday I began sewing the strips for Angie's green quilt, and I'll have the top completed by tomorrow.   Hopefully I'll get her blue quilt top finished by midweek and will be able to begin work on my flower quilt. 

It helps that all three quilts are scrappy, and I decided to make Angie's quilts using 2 1/2 inch strips.  I've been enjoying Rachel's Festival of Strings over at Stitched in Color.  There are 120 quilts featured on Rachel's blog, and all 120 are pretty amazing.  Of course, looking at string quilts every day for the past week or so has me thinking string quilts, and I am so inspired that I came up with a new design for a string quilt.  

Come back for a visit in a day or two, I'll have the top posted (I hope anyway) so you can see the new design.  In the meantime, enjoy the photo tease.  :-)

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