Friday, November 11, 2011

Festival Photo Finish

These are the last of the photos that I took at the Houston Quilt Festival before the batteries died.  Unfortunately, I had my sister's camera because I forgot mine, but I didn't have the charger.  I did get some great photos, though, and hope you enjoy them.

I spent the entire day in the studio today.  What a pleasure!  I finished up a baby quilt, finished making silk flowers, and worked on the sewing kit/pincushion jars, all are going to the craft fair at the Natchitoches Light Festival on December 3.  I finally heard from the festival folks and will have a booth, so I'm trying to build up my stock.  

Angie and Sid bought me a pattern to make baby boots and some darling fabric to make the boots with.  I've made two pair of boots using different fabric in an attempt to figure out the pattern.  So far, I'm not satisfied, so tomorrow I'll give it another try.  Hopefully I'll get it figured out in time to make a few pairs of baby boots for the craft fair.

I've also started a few other projects, all for the craft fair, but nothing that I'm happy enough with that I'm taking photos.  Sorry about that.  

I hope you had a wonderful Veteran's Day and that you took a few moments to say thank you to the Vets in your life.  We treated our veteran son to supper at one of his favorite restaurants.  Have a great weekend!

Happy quilting,

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