Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mal-tease Conversation

Time for a puppy update!  Yea!

Cotton and Candy are our two Maltese puppies.  Sweet, cute, darling, lovable, all the good things that two little doggies could possibly be.  Spoiled?  Maybe a little bit, but not much.  They do sleep with us, sure.  They do get a few more treats than they should, yeah.  They are allowed to run the house, well maybe.  But are they really spoiled, you know, in a bad way.....no way!  Not my puppies!

Okay, so they needed a good grooming.  The kind that professionals do.  Not the kind momma does,  or daddy, cause, well, momma's not a pro and daddy doesn't really believe in brushes.  

Cotton after a momma grooming.  Cute and fluffy but not exactly Maltese-looking.

And Candy after a daddy grooming.  Cute and clean, but scruffy and definitely not Maltesey.

And the big difference between those groomings and the professional ones?  Thirty bucks and lots of hair. 

Candy's question, "So, momma, really, what happens if it gets cold again and I need to go out?"  

Cotton's response, "No, the better question: how can I possibly stop a possible intruder if the person is laughing at me?"

"I'll just hide under the covers, okay?"

 "And I'll probably freeze to death."

But momma would never let any of that happen.  Christmas is right around the corner.  Let's just make our Christmas list and give Santa a call, okay?

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