Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Evening

We had a wonderful day with family, food and friends.  Lunch at my sister's house for our "Turkey Cookoff."  I bake one, her husband fried one in the oilless fryer and everyone ate.

His turkey won, but mine had to be cooked with travel time calculated in, so it had time to get cold.  Not that it mattered: it was one delish turkey!  Take a look at how pretty it was still hot from the oven.  In fact, we transported it in the pot since this roaster is sturdy.  I can count on it to drip just a tad bit of gravy on the truck seat every time.  

We returned home (late) to find the house filled with smoke.....
I'd left the second turkey on to high and it was on the brink of blackness.  However, I managed to save the day.  Removed it from the electric oven, tossed the worst of the burnt parts, carved and placed on platter and refrigerated till almost time to eat.  Since my platters can be warmed in the oven, I didn't have to handle it again to warm it, so though it was falling apart, it still looked like turkey.

Cooked up the sides that I'd planned on Monday and posted here on Tuesday.  Added pies that another sister provided and dinner was on the table at 6 p.m.  Not bad considering all the obstacles and the number of grandchildren who seem to have no place to stand around except in the middle of my kitchen.  

And yes, I am very grateful that they were there!  Who better to get underfoot on one of the busiest cooking days of the year?  Darling, sweet little grandchildren.

So...on to other fun stuff.  I ran across this video last night and fell in love with the idea, the girl, the info.  I am not a fashion guru by any means, but I do like my scarves.  I just seem to wear them all the same way.  Well, no more!

Check out Wendy's Lookbook on  

Click here for 25 ways to wear a scarf
Isn't it just fun?  Did you take the time to see the videos with the narration?  She explains how to tie up the scarves as she slowly demonstrates each technique. Which is your favorite?

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