Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Fun

I hope you had a great weekend!  Since it's Thanksgiving week for us, I have the entire week off.  Yea!

That means, of course, that I have extra time for sewing this week and plan to take full advantage of it.  I did get a little sewing done today, but mostly I played and watched a movie with Richard.  Well, after we got around to this, that is.

When we went to Alexandria yesterday, we really went for this tent/cover and tables.  We picked up three tables so that there will be enough room for most of the items that we'll have for sale.

I tried putting some things out but it really wasn't working for me.  The wind was blowing too hard and I have a few ideas that I need to  work out.  So,'s what we of a blank slate!

As for the sewing I accomplished, I guess you could say I played.  

Definitely I had fun!  Check out this table round!  

Love it!  


Christmas on one side.

Damask on the other. 

Don't the reds sing?

I actually made several table coverings.  Here's another I really had fun with.  

I found the plaid in the stash.  The fabrics could be from the same line, but they aren't.  They just like playing together, that's all.

Together they inspired me to put together this table runner.

There are other table coverings, but it got too late to take decent photos.  Sorry about that.

What have you been up to lately?  
Gotten any sewing done? 
Any ideas to share?

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