Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Great Combination....

Scarves and beads make for a very nice accessory.  Of course, a beaded scarf can serve two purposes--they're warm and pretty!  

When I designed these scarves, I really wanted to be able to use them as jewelry and clothing.   

The fabric is quite unusual, it has a stripe of variegated thread that adds a little sparkle, so when I choose beads, I try to keep in mind that there's already some color.  Couple that with the monochromatic colors of hand-dyed fabric, and we have lots going on.  

It was easy enough to find the beads, however.  Most are beads in my stash, but a few are some I picked up especially for this design.

The red fabric doesn't have a deep a range of colors in the dye, so I felt comfortable using a bigger variety of glass beads.

I like the added weight that the beads give to the scarves.  I've made a few scarves with beading on the edge so that they hang well because of the weight.  But I really like the look of the beads connecting the sections of the scarves.

This final scarf is a sheer fabric with French words written in a beautiful script.  I've had the fabric for a long time and ran across it while looking for fabric for a different project.

When I saw it, I just had to make a few scarves.  I ended up with three and decided to add beads to this one.  It has a loop at the opposite end so that the beaded edge can be slipped into the loop for closing. 

No tying, no loose flapping ends (well, only one, anyway) and a nice false knot that never unties.  I have a couple of scarves like this and love the look.  Generally I wear them with the loop a bit high so that the opposite end drapes down comfortably.

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lambs and ivy designs said...

Hi friend, it has been a while since I have visited. I hope you are well!

I love the idea of the scarves!!! Wonderful, and I too like the idea of some added weight to hold everthing in place. What a wonderful idea!