Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas Ornament Banners

I came up with a design for some small banners to use as Christmas ornaments.  

Since I wasn't sure how they would come out, I decided to use burgundy fabrics so that they would coordinate with my own tree.  I figured that I'd use them if I didn't like them enough to put in my booth at the craft fair in Natchitoches.

I suppose they'll work either way!  I'm pretty happy with these and plan to make quite a few more for the craft fair.  

Because they are so quick and easy, look nice and can work with almost any decor, I thought you might want to make a few for your own tree.  Of course, you could put a couple on a wreath instead or use them to decorate some other place in the house.

 Start with three pieces of fabric.  The solid pieces are 5 inches by 9 1/2 inches.  The print is 3 inches by 9 1/2 inches.  I also used a small scrap of metallic gold fabric backed with iron-on adhesive for the letters.  For one banner I used a piece of fabric about 3 inches square.  

Fold down about 1/2 inch of the long edges of the solid fabric to the back and press.  Find the center of the short edges of the print fabric and one of the solid pieces.  Match the centers and pin the print on top of the solid.

Pin in place and edge stitch.

Find the center of the one short edge and using your ruler, mark a 45 degree point.  If you don't have a 45 degree line, simply use a regular sheet of typing paper to find the angle you need.  

Fold one edge of the paper on the point so that the two edges match perfectly.  This fold will be the center line of your point.  Now match the folded line to the center of the banner.  Mark your angles and cut.

Now your ready to add your letters.  Press the adhesive to the wrong side of the letter fabric.  On the paper side of the adhesive, draw your letters remembering to turn them backward.

I used my grandchildren's plastic stencils that are one and 1/2 inches then cut the letters freehand.  If your decor allows for informal letters, you can draw and cut the letters freehand. 

Once the letters are cut out, remove the backing and place on the banner to your liking then press in place.  

Now you can sew on the back of the banner.  Place the backing on, right sides together and pin in place.  Trim the corners to match the front of the banner, and sew completely around the banner leaving the top edge open for turning.  Trim off the points of each corner.  

Turn the banner right side out and use a dull pencil to push out the corners.  Press.  

Fold the top edge to the back one half inch to form a casing for a small dowel or other hanging device.   I used 7 inches of 12 gauge wire to form a dowel with scrolled edges, then tied on a 12 inch ribbon to hang the banners.  You might consider adding small tassels to the point to dress up the banner even more.

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