Monday, November 28, 2011

Warm fuzzies

Today I decided it was finally time to tackle a project that two of my sisters, Angie and Sid, thought I would enjoy.  Can't imagine why they thought that.  After all, 
this is what I looked like after the project.  No, I'm not a lint roller, but it sure is hard to tell!

The cause you ask?  

This cuteness! 
Imagine your little tyke footin' around in these.
Not the cutest of boots? 

 Kinda want a pair for yourself?
Aww, sorry, they come in sweetness sizes only.

Not that you aren't sweet, you're just too big!
Doesn't matter how little you are.
If you're reading this, you'll just have to make your own!

Up next: tomorrow a pinkie pair!

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lambs and ivy designs said...

Those look so cute and so comfy!!!You did a wonderful job!!!!