Thursday, November 17, 2011

Busy, busy

I'm trying to build up my inventory before we go to the Natchitoches Craft Fair in December.  So, for the last few days I've been sewing as much as possible.  Well, except for yesterday when I came home for a nap....a long nap.  

I took a group of 45 freshman and sophomores to Lafayette to tour ULL, which just happens to be my alma mater.  We had a great day but it was a long day, with miles of walking and, for me at least, keeping track of 45 kids who wanted only to do a little wandering on their own.  So, yeah, I skipped a day of sewing after school and snoozed on the sofa for a couple of hours, then woke up to a fabulous supper, showered and crawled in my bed.

Today, though, I made up for some of my snooze time!  I stitched a full dozen of these little Kleenex holders.  Talk about rolling!

On Tuesday I made a couple pairs of mittens....pretty in pink and just right for little ladies! 

Check out the cuffs...I first played with one of the fancy stitches on my machine, which I liked but it was a tad slow.  So then I decided to give some ribbon a whirl.  I really like the outcome, so other pink mittens will get trimmed out in cutesy ribbon! 

What would go with cutesy mitts?  Why an equally cutesy scarf, also in pink.  Couldn't pass up this minky fabric in white polka dots.

And on Sunday afternoon, a couple of table runners.  One with 
Christmas lights strung across the center.

A second with metallic Christmas ornaments sprinkled atop!

 There's a little bit of shine on these ornaments!
What do you think?  Would you pick these up if you saw them at a craft fair?  What else would you consider purchasing?

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