Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cotton Quilters Guild Meeting

Our guild meeting on Monday was lots of fun this month in part because we had our ice cream social.  Talk about delicious!  But just as in the meeting we took care of business first, let's do that here as well.  

 Only a few people brought in something to show and share.  I think it's because it's so hot here that fewer people want to think quilts.  

I brought the two modern quilt tops that are ready for the long arm. I intended to bring in John David's baby quilt, but left it on the table in the house.  On a side note, I've finally delivered it and Lisa is thrilled with it.  

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I wish I'd had the sense to snap a picture of the condiments table for the ice cream social.  These ladies know how to do it up right. For starters there were about six different flavors of ice cream: vanilla, butter pecan, rocky road, Italian creme cake, chocolate and sugar free for those who are diabetic.

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Once your bowl was filled with a couple of scoops, you moseyed over to the second table and decided between pecans, chocolate chips, a variety of fruits, fudge, caramel, marshmallow creme, and other sauces, then sprinkles, raisins, cherries, coconut and candy.  

The table was filled with so many different toppings, it was difficult to choose. Well, so others said.  I went straight for the pecans and walnuts. 
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I've had ice cream parties for my Betas, but we didn't do it this fancy!

After going through the line, we sat around in groups and visited, mostly talking quilting and family.  Everyone, of course, knows everyone and keeping up with each others' children and grandchildren takes time.
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All in all, the meeting was fun, informal, and filling!  In other words, perfect for a July afternoon. 

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