Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th

We had a relatively quiet day.  Half of the family showed up just in time for lunch, but we were prepared with hamburgers and fries. After lunch the kids went outside to play a game of kiddie softball, which is tee ball in the shade. It's too hot for a real game when the kiddos are only 3 and 4 years old.  

When the game became a bit too hot, we sat at the picnic table for watermelon and chatting.  In all it was quiet and peace-filled.  

The kids left not long after the watermelon was cleaned up, so Richard and I had time for a nice nap.  I did find a few minutes to go into the studio.  It's difficult to determine what I should do next.

I'd like to begin a new project but nothing is really screaming to be made.  I pulled out a few scraps and left-over blocks from previous quilts.  They will sit on the work table for tonight at least, to percolate in my mind.  I did make a few changes in an attempt to pull all these together into one quilt. 

Productive day?  Maybe not.  But enjoyable, fun and peaceful...absolutely!

Here's hoping that your Independence Day was as well.

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Karen said...

This looks like a very relaxing way to spend a day. Time with family is always wonderful, and then to have sewing time as well is a bonus. A perfect 4th of July.