Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Silly String Sunday

Do you know about Silly String?  That toy, of sorts, that allows children to shoot not-so-sticky stuff from a can onto something or someone?  It's really not sticky but it does stick to the target person--and anyone or anything else it touches.  

It reminds me of sticky notes that stick to a wall or paper or book, then releases when you want it to.  The best part of both is that neither leaves a sticky residue.  The worst part of both is that they are unbelievably messy if you find yourself with too much.

 One Sunday afternoon while the children and grandchildren were visiting, Richard came outside with 10-12 cans of Silly String.  He'd bought it for me for a school project but we weren't allowed to use it.  Figuring that the grands would run off and play, he gave each a can of not-so-sticky.  Apparently he had no clue.

The kids started spraying each other, but adult laughter was more than the oldest could take.  A shot in her dad's face was especially funny and, when he retaliated with a shot of his own, the entire herd of young turncoats faced down their elders. 

It feels pretty good to mark all of the grands in one fell swoop, but it means running out of string pretty quickly.  Once out of defenses, I tried hiding behind Richard who had quickly fashioned a shield with the cardboard carrier the cans were in.  

Within 10 minutes the goop was completely exhausted and all that was left was the cleanup.   Grandmay didn't mind the cans but the sticky mess was another problem.  I combed it out of hair, picked it off of clothes, scraped it off of furniture.

The joy on the kids' faces says it all, though, clean up is a little thing after the many smiles and the laughter.  The look on Poppa's face when the first squirt of silly string went splat on his cheek was pretty priceless.  So if you're looking for a cheap, fun way to entertain the masses, run by the dollar store and pick up enough cans of Silly String so that every thumb-bearing member of the family gets one.  

If you want to extend the fun a bit and add a touch of creativity into the mix, give them each a piece of cardboard with directions to make a shield.   You won't be able to defend the stash of ammo, so don't tell them why they'll need it.  Do prepare yourself: the fighting will be fierce. 


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