Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Finish: customer quilt

A fairly regular customer who has several nieces and nephews has been bringing quilt tops and cheater tops for me to quilt for her.  Last week she brought an already quilted project and asked me to bind the quilt and make a pillow sham with the extra fabric.  

The binding was simple enough and I finished that yesterday after I picked up a couple of yards of matching purple fabric. Thank goodness I had measured and figured the fabric I would need for the pillow sham because once I trimmed the quilt, there was very little fabric left.

Because there was so little of the original fabric, I had to think outside the box for ways that I could incorporate it into the sham. I finally decided to make the whole of the pillow case in the light purple and to use the striped fabric to border the pillow.  There wasn't enough to go completely around the pillow, so the corners are left open.  I also could not gather the border, so it's flat but I like it.

The back, of course, has an opening to insert the pillow.  So this sham is very much like most and was relatively easy to make once I figured out how to include the striped fabric to give it as much impact as possible despite that there was so little.


I understand that this set is to be a gift, so I hope that the recipients like it.