Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: T I M E

'Waste It Wisely' Wall Art | Nordstrom - I love weekends.  That is when I am at my wisest :-)Time is a big concern for me right now.  I'm late posting this; I'm racing to workshops; I have school work screaming at me; and several quilts whispering sweet nothings.  Well, they were whispering....since I'm not home at the moment, I have no idea what they're doing. They could be crying for all I know.  

I've almost convinced myself that if I make a couple of tops, I'll be able to load one on the long-arm and get a little bit of a "stitchin' fix" in the afternoons.  

kate spade new york 'metro grand' round leather strap watch, 38mm available at #Nordstrom

replace "things" with "quilts"
Good things take time...
Whatever I'm late anyway clock by jennimo on Etsy. so fitting. could probably make this

Ornate Vintage Clock by happydayvintage on Etsy

Craft room clock

Great ideas for creative Wall clocks! This would be so sweet in a child's room with light walls and white frames! Looks pretty simple to make too!

Cute clock quilt

Just do it! We were just discussing this  subject. We are a little behind. We try to  do something different or chance our way of doing something . It has been a little harder to do since we dont have a car or money to enjoy ourselves.

Love this!  Quilted Clock for the kitchen after refresh- just need to pick colors.

quilt room clock

Quilted Clock - inspiration only, no pattern ... want to make one for my sewing room

Vintage 40's Child's Crib Applique Quilt w Mammy Doll Clock Animals | eBay

pillow quilting patterns clock

taking time to live will only inspire your work - how true, it's so important to enjoy life, and it will shine through in your work!

Storybook Lane - Cuckoo Clocks - Silver Grey fabric

It’s About Time, Kim Frisk, Green Bay, WI  This small quilt won first place in the Art Quilt division. It’s totally packed with watch parts, gears, clock faces, and phrases about time. My photos don’t do the quilt justice. It’s really amazing.

45 Incredible Quotes Designed To Stimulate Your Brain ALEX WAIN APRIL 8, 2013 1   We’ve looked high and low around the interwebs to bring you these 45 quotes, designed to light that creative spark and give that added smack of inspiration – because we all need a bit of a lift occasionally don’t we?

To add to the time crunch I feel, there are the important things: my husband, my children, the grands, friends, puppies, house, garden.  They all deserve my time and attention to varying degrees.  And like everyone else, I cannot forget myself--a nap, a movie, a good book, a trip, a quilt.  

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Kaja said...

Some lovely clocks - there's a couple I would like on my wall. Time is always hard, but I argue that I'm a better person when I quilt (I connect with something that sustains me, grounds me, keeps me sane amid the chaos) so it's better for everyone if I do it.