Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Shreveport Boardwalk

Richard and I spent a couple of nights in Shreveport so that I could attend a workshop.  Of course, everyone said--and I quote-- "You HAVE to go to the Boardwalk!"  Although we aren't much into malls and shopping, we decided that we needed to at least check it out.

It's big.  No, it's really, really big.  We spent a couple of hours there and didn't get to very many stores. 

One store we did enter was Bass Pro Shop.  Richard doesn't ask to do things he enjoys very often, so when there's a chance, I try to accommodate.  I also try to be patient and kind.  It's oh-so-hard sometimes, but I do try.

To that end I walked around looking at the trophies.  Then sat with the fish.  (Those pictures are worse than my usual bad.)  Rode up and down the elevator. Facebooked with my sisters.  I even asked for help finding something one of my sisters mentioned--they didn't have it. Finally Richard was done looking at boats he couldn't afford, guns he didn't need, and hunting gear he already has, and he was ready to go.

Back outside we walked over to the river and enjoyed the views. The Red River is very wide here and the bridges are beautiful old metal structures.  

We then popped into a kitchen shop and I picked up a few items that have needed replacing for a while: ice cream scoop, bag closures, and a one-piece, high-temp rubber scraper. 

Dinner at Cheesecake Bistro was absolutely delicious.  Then back to the hotel for phone calls to check on the grands and the puppies and some rest.  

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