Thursday, July 17, 2014

Part 2 ~~ the SALE!

Aunt Nell's Quilt Shop
Yesterday I told you about last Saturday's Krotz Springs Quilt Show and how much fun Pam and I had.  Somehow I'd even managed to get some decent photos.  But the show was only part of my Saturday....we also decided to go to Aunt Nell's Quilt Shop for their anniversary sale.  

Since I drove south to Krotz Springs, Pam drove north to Tioga. And we chatted and laughed and had a great time.  Pam is lucky to have family members who quilt and knit.  Me...not so much.  But I have friends who do and a loving family who supports my "habit."  
Map of Aunt Nell s Quilt Shop at 1632 Hyland Park Dr

Aunt Nell's has been open for several years, but it changed owners three years ago--a great reason for a sale!  Allison and Trenton are very nice, helpful owners and are always appreciative of their customers.  

Ahh, fat quarters...come to mamma!  I chose from the huge collection--rows and rows and rows of 18 x 22 fiber trappings folded prettily and stacked expertly on the shelves.

Who could resist when there are grand-girls wanting summer bloomers?  One little face lights up when I say "LSU"; imagine what will happen when I present a skirt in this chevron. 

The other two? They will be thrilled with either so they'll each get a pair of shorts: one a chevron (I bought a full yard) and the other a tiger stripe.  I'm planning to let them battle it out to determine who gets which Tiger trousers.

Since chevrons are all the rage, there's another piece of chic, this one in pretty girl colors.  Not a fat quarter, though, I chose to get enough for everyone.

All of these other fabrics are fat quarters--just enough to make one pair of shorts or one skirt.  I plan to add some knit for shorts when I make a skort, skirt with shorts built in.

These last two pieces are for the stash.  I quickly fell for the neutral, then noticed the stripe that has a Frozen-like motif and thought that I could use it for inspiration should I be asked to sew up another Frozen costume.  I like to be prepared, you know.

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